Air cooled chillers laser version

Cooling capacity 17.5 - 90.2 kW.

The chillers in the TAEevo Laser range are compact units designed to cool laser machines developed thanks to the experience gained through the many years of collaboration with the most prestigious companies in the sector.
Thanks to the stainless steel inertial tank, to the NON FERROUS hydraulic circuit and the regulation of the cooling capacity via hot gas by-pass valve, the TAEevo Laser chillers protect the laser systems from problems such as wave length variability, thermal stress and the contamination of the laser optics and source.


Technical features
Mode Compressors Refrigerant Heat exchanger Fan
  5 5 R407C 6

130716215620 ct ventilatore assiale  9

A non-ferrous hydraulic circuit and stainless steel tank allows the use of demineralised water containing additives
Water output temperature adjustment hysteresis ±0.5°C
High head stainless steel centrifugal pump
Heater in tank: useful for protecting the system from condensation phenomena on the laser optics and with anti-freeze function
Compact structure
Standard air condenser filters
Safety water by-pass
Easy installation, use and maintenance
Technical features
Galvanised carbon steel sheet structure hot painted with polyester powders
Environmentally friendly refrigerant: R407C
Parametric microprocessor controller
High performance hermetic reciprocating or scroll compressors
Cooling capacity regulation via hot gas by-pass
Stainless steel evaporator with braze-welded plates with manual vent valve and drain valve;
Finned condenser coil with copper pipes and large aluminium fins protected by filters
HP/LP refrigerant pressure gauges
High pressure head centrifugal pump
Stainless steel inertial tank
Water flow pressure manometer
Tank for manual loading of the atmospheric hydraulic circuits
Input, output hydraulic valves and water by-pass
Phase monitor and standard compressors sump heater
Axial fans with optimised profile
Conductive level sensor
Crankcase heater
Free contacts: ON/OFF remote; machine status; general alarm
Electric power supply 400/3/50
Power supply 60Hz
Painted condensing coils;
Westec industrial connectors (Harting compatible);
Over-pressure automatic water by-pass valve
Compressor valves;
Electronic fan speed regulation (supplied also in kit);
Soft starter
remote ON/OFF
Remote control
Supervisor system


Sectors of application 
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