ME / Ocean Tech


Condenserless units

Cooling capacity 4.2 - 183 kW.




Condenserless units

Cooling capacity 4.2 - 183 kW.

ME / OCEAN TECH is the series of MTA condenserless units designed for indoor installation, environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant gas and these may be combined with remote condensers. The availability of space is often a critical element for positioning of the chillers on the inside; for this reason, the condenserless units of the OCEAN TECH series were designed for easier installation even in confined spaces, and to best facilitate all the operations of both transportation and installation.  The microprocessor control with icon interface allows the main operating parameters of the system to be modified with absolute simplicity.  The completely encased execution and the soundproofing result in particularly quiet operation. The compact size and versatility of installation make the range of OCEAN TECH water chillers particularly suitable for residential and public environments.

Technical features

Mode Compressors Refrigerant Heat exchanger Fan
 3 R410A


Silent operation thanks to the acoustic insulation
Reduced overall dimensions
Wide range of accessories and kits for custom solutions
Technical specifications
Galvanised carbon sheet steel and polyester powder coated
Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A
High energy efficiency scroll compressors
Phase monitor and crankcase heater
Brazed plates heat exchangers  in AISI 316 stainless steel with high energy efficiency and low pressure drop
External hydraulic group composed of: circulation pump, storage tank, expansion vessel, safety valve, air vent valve.
Evaporating units
Compressor acoustic insulation
External hydraulic unit with a circulation pump and inertial tank 
Antivibration mounts
Remote control
Monitoring system


Sectors of application  

  • app cooling conditioning cinemas theaters museums
  • app cooling conditioning hotels restaurants
  • app cooling conditioning offices
  • app cooling conditioning residential
  • app cooling conditioning shopping center
  • 2eac

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