From initial design to road testing of the finished vehicle, a car is made using a sequence of processes. During this, some machinery needs to be cooled in a variety of forms. The spectrum extends from temperature control of machine tool/laser to the thermostatic control of painting baths.

The precise temperature control made in MTA allows to increase the hourly productivity and the life cycle of the machine tool, but especially it allows to reduce the percentage of defective products and the danger of plant shutdown.


Why MTA is the perfect partner?

  • Wide range of chillers for laser systems: thanks to the fine regulation the temperature by hot gas valve combined with the generous size of the tank, these chillers allow a precise control of water temperature up to + -0.5 ° C.
  • Wide range of chillers for machine tools: the cooling of the mechanical/hydraulic components and cutting fluids allow the machine tools to work at high speed, in an accurate and repeatable way, increasing also the tool life and helping to stabilize the size of the finished piece.
  • Wide range of chillers with integrated free cooling dedicated to cooling of extruders or injection molding machines. These chillers are characterized by high head pumps to overcome the pressure drops of the molds cooling channels and they are supplied with safety hydraulic by pass as standard.

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