Shopping Center

Today’s consumers want to spend their time dedicated to shopping in a comfortable enviroment and this kind of atmosphere not only brings people into store, but keeps them there longer. Studies show that the longer shoppers remain in a store, the more money they are likely to spend. For this reason, the air conditioning system of a shopping mall must be able to provide the right comfort in every season and at the same time must allow a right energy consumption in order to contain operating cost. MTA is able to provide complete solutions for hydronics air conditioning systems with an high energy efficiency, which guarantee maximum comfort without energy wasting.


Why MTA is the perfect partner?

  • Wide range of products with cooling capacity up to 1600kW.
  • Reliable products with over 30 years of experience.
  • Up to 5 acoustic version for every need.
  • Chillers and heat pumps designed for the best energy efficiency.
  • Minimise waste energy consumption with integrated heat recovery.
  • Reduce installation cost through remote monitoring.

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