Dry coolers

Cooling capacity 10 - 372 kW

The RWD chillers with finned coils and axial fans are the best solution for the free-cooling of applications in which the process temperature is higher than the environment temperature for most of the year. 
Exploiting low external air temperatures, the RWD unit cools the fluid free of charge, eliminating energy wastage from the refrigerant compressors during winter.
The RWD units are plug & play and can be supplied with components such as pumps and 3-way valves already installed on the machine.


Technical features
Mode Compressors Refrigerant Heat exchanger Fan
            - - 4

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Reduced clearance
Reduced operating times of the refrigerant compressors
Greater plant reliability
High energy saving
Hydraulic circuit can be integrated with motorised 3-way valve with servo-control, individual or twin circulation pump with medium and high head
Technical features
Galvanised carbon steel sheet structure hot painted with polyester powders
Parametric microprocessor controller
Axial fans with optimised profile
Finned coils with copper pipes and large aluminium fins
Electric power supply 400/3/50
Power supply 60Hz (special)
Acoustic versions: C standard; SC low noise;  SSC very low noise
Airbatic version.
Electrical panel
Microprocessor controller
Electronic fan speed regulation (special)
Single or twin P1, P2, P3 pumps, RWD 200-350 (special)
Metal filters for coils
3-way valves + manifolds, RWD 200-350 (special)
Manifolds kit
Horizontal installation uprights (RWD 030-150)
remote ON/OFF


Sectors of application  
  • app plastics
  • app automotive
  • app machine tools
  • 2eac

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